Friday, July 11, 2008

Larian Jelajah KSN 2008 - Result & Pictures

What : Larian Jelajah KSN
When : 12th July 2008, Saturday
Where : Stadium Nasional - Bukit Jalil , Kuala Lumpur
Starting Time : 8.00am
Distance : 5.39km by Frank GPS Kok
Medals : 1st to 60th for all category!
Course : Cinya-Cinya Tough!

This race is not as popular as Siemens Run, but der runners standard is way better than Siemens. Thats why it is so cinya unbelievable tough like kok, so many upkok staircase to climb. Becoz der distance is only less than 6km n medals only limited to 60 nia, so runners required to pia like kok in this High Tempo Blood Pressure Race.

Congrats to Nazib & Frank, they were lucky to squeeze into medal position (Phew!). However unlucky for Lai Fong Sang, William Chan & NPL, they miss der cut by juz a few minutes nia. Saturday is der only day race for William, bcoz every sunday he need to work. Yet he fail to get any medal, this is a double blow for him sob.. sob..

On my run, I hv so much pressure during der racing time. I keep hearing ppl mention my name, saying like this.. "Ikut Ronnie.. Jangan lepaskan dia" at least 3 to 4 times. Cinya pressure like kok, as I was trying very hard to keep close to Stanley. Stanley again oredi pia like rocket liao once der flagging off, it took me at least 2km plus only manage to sayur him. And my name is no more mention from behind liao, peace a bit haha. Yew! I'm feeling getting old liao, kenot fight wit der youngster anymore liao hehe.

During der stair climb, I manage to sayur many runners. However during der downhill, sayur kau2 lat back by them. Grrr.. that is my weak point, bcoz got a lot of akar-akar on der grass loh, so dangerous lah. I love my leg, no point risking myself like this.. later injury, sendiri susah.

Toward finishing, is was 3 head battle. Beat 1 but lost 1, losing by 0.01s to Ng Swee Yee der Klang Pacer runner (insert amkan here). Overall, I'm very happy to get medal n meet many many friends too! :)

Men Open Result :
22'04 - Jasni Khairil (14th)
22'40 - Mohd Syahidan (16th)
22'23 - Gunaselan Rajagopal, Pm39 (18th)

24'13 - Ng Swee Yee, Klang Pacer (22nd)
24'13 - Ronnie See, Pm1 (23rd)

24'28 - Saiful Azri, Pm45 (28th)
24'53 - Stanley Cheong, Pm53 (31st)
24'56 - Hamidon Mat Aris (32nd)
24'57 - Hasrul Sham (33rd)

25'01 - Suresh, Pm47 (36th)
25'02 - Ahmad Farid (37th)
25'07 - Mohd Azali, Pm46 (38th)
25'12 - Chen Kwok Liew (44th)
25'24 - Chen Keat Hoong, Pm8 (45th)

Danger Zone...
26'00 - Fadzli Abu Bakar (49th)
26'20 - Mohd Hailmi (55th)
26'40 - Lee Weng Khong, Pm35 (56th)
26'43 - Nazib Ngainin, Pm14 (57th)
26'45 - Frank Chong, Sub Pm6 (58th)

Amkan Zone...
27'23 - William Chan, Pm36 (63rd)

27'25 - Chanbai, Slowmovers (64th)
27'32 - Lai Fong Sang, Pm38 (67th)

29'34 - Prabu Jeyaseelan (00th)
29'58 - Ng Ping Loong, Sub Pm4 (72th)
30'15 - Wong Kei Ming (00th)

Men Junior Veteran :
23'50 - Tan Wah Seng (6th) $$
26'24 - Tay Poh Chye (18th)
28'29 - Tan Ay Peng, Pm52 (47th)

29'18 - Tan Khee Meng, Sub Pm2 (00th)

Women Open :
26'52 - Jessica Tang (4th) $$

So Close Yet So Far : Wanted to beat this guy so badly, he was one of der Klang Pacer elite runner (Ng Swee Yee). Powerless to sayur him, coz running out of gas liao in der last 100m to go. Oredi overtook him before entering der stadium, but he manage to undertable me back. Well done to Ng Swe Yee... I'll be back!

( Pictures courtesy from Gege Tey's @ )

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jue said...

that medal really cinya ... spelling also wrong. anyone knows what's the meaning of "JARIAN"?

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