Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Name: Hasrul Sham Bin Saidi
D.O.B: 11 October 1974
Year Of Running: 2005
Contact No: 017-3162170
Email: hasrulsaidi@yahoo.com
Website: http://hasrulsham.blogspot.com/

Dear pacemaker's family, it was an honor to be invited to be in the group.

I started running just for health n weight management. I started running from 1km and gradually increase the distance to 5km. Then my office mate invite me to join my company team for corporate run category in Seremban Half Marathon 2005. The team consist of 10 person. 8 male and 2 female. Our team was disqualified because one of our female runner collapsed at the seremban post office, just about 1km to finish. After the race I become demotivated and stop running.

Then came along Seremban Half Marathon 2006. My company did not send any team at all. So, I decided to join the 11km open category. Suprisingly, I got my 1st medal. I was no 39 in the open category even I was very slow. My timing was 1:13. I was lucky to get the medal because all of the fast runner join the half marathon category.

After that, I join larian pengguna at Putrajaya and larian MPAJ but only manage to get certificate only. The KL runners are very fast to compete. During the race I get to know Zulazlan (PM43), Ronnie(PM1), Farid, Nazib(PM14), Hailmi, Rambo, Idaizumi, Adan, Azali(PM46), Kamarul, Omar, Susila, Hamidon, Jasni and Zulhisham. Forgive me if I forget to include your name.

This morning, I received sms from PM1 inviting me to join the pacemaker's family and I gladly reply the sms and accepted the offer.

Thank you very much for accepting me as one of the pacemaker's family. I seek guidance from all of you.


Maclan Jim Matthew said...

Hi Hasrul,

great to hear that you are running for health. Health and fitness goes together. I enjoy reading your blog. I hope to run my first race in M'sia this coming oct. (Borneo Marathon) Im joining the 42K event and if you are going to be there, its a pleasure to meet you.
Have a happy running week!.



jue said...

hasrul,congrats for being part of the kau2 lat family. hope you continue to run more kau2 lat, ya!