Sunday, August 17, 2008

PTM2008 Close for Registration

PMT2008 Medals : Bronze / Silver / Gold

PMT2008 Medal : Finisher Medal also in Bronze color

Trophy for Sponsor in White / Trophy for Position in Gold

CINYA Very very sorry to say this, Pacemakers Track Meet is officially close. We kenot accept anymore entry liao, oredi full house. Total medal have achieve up to 150 liao, thanks for der full suport ya!

Those who yet to make payment, kind do so.. der deadline is end of this week (24th August), we need der money to settle der medal cost. Payment done will record into der PTM2008 link @ if late payment, ur name will be remove n replace wit der one in waiting list. Thanks for der co-operation!


Men Open (31 participants) - 10 Trophy Offer
Men Veteran (18 Participants) - 6 Trophy Offer
Women (8 Participants) - 3 Trophy Offer

PTM Ranking Points :
10 pts - 1st placing
8 pts - 2nd placing
6 pts - 3rd placing
4 pts - 4th placing
2 pts - 5th placing
1pt - 6th placing

By end of der day, runners wit der most pts in Men, Veteran & Women will get trophy in their respective category according to der trophy offer.

brought 2u by pm1


Anonymous said...

baru nak daftar, dah tutup plak, tahun depan lah nampak nya

pm1 said...

Kasi name & ic number to will place u into waiting list if anyone who do not pay by end of this month. will cancel their registration.


aharis said...

Waaaawww! Cantik medal.
Maybe nx year boleh tukar paten tali medal. Always red-white-blue...