Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Der Pacemakers Network Run 2009 [ RUNNING BIB ]

How to Wear Your Bib
Wear your running number on the FRONT of your shirt or shorts so that race officials and finish line personnel can see it. Do not cut or fold your number in any way or place a safety pin in the perforated tag. Officials must be able to see your whole number to know that you are an officially registered runner.

Race Bib Colors
Please note:
Men (Age 29 & Below) runners will wear BLACK race bibs;
Men (Age 30 - 39) runners will wear GREEN race bibs;
Men (Age 40 - 49) runners will wear BLUE race bibs;
Men (Age 50 & Above) runners will wear GREY race bibs and
Women Open runners will wear RED bibs.

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Wong Kei Ming said...

it is INCH not FEET!