Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wonderful Deepavali Time (27th October 2008)

"it was a great monday which prabu has invited us to his house for deepavali celebration. haven't been meeting this buddy for a month. supposedly he is joining me for training in der morning since he said he became fatter so i juz let him rest 1st, next time train him kau kau, hehe.. they invited so many frenz & relatives to his house, quite packed inside der house though. as today is a tiring day but very enjoyed der deepavali celebration where i met my school's teachers ms. Eng, ms Elaine and ms. sheleen, happy to meet them again. ofcoz my running mates Ronnie, Rachel, Stanley, Frank, Lionel, Kenny, der funny maker Kevin and my best fren ee pei. many thanks to prabu and his family for inviting us for a lunch, der foods were fantastic especially der kari kambing, besides all der cakes and cookies also self made by prabu's mum! haha... she must be very busy that day." - Wong Kei Ming

Pictures from Frank Chong

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Anonymous said...


you shouldnt visit deepavali open house wearing short pants

please show some respect

other day meybe ok but on festival day you Can'ttt