Monday, October 27, 2008

Recovery Run - 27th October 2008

Meeting Point : Bukit Aman Car Park
Running Route : Bukit Aman / Kenny Hill / watever der kok hill...
Starting Time : 6.35am
Distance : 15km

My Timing : 1 Hours 19 mins 57 sec

Attendance : Pm1, Stanley, Frank Chong, Chin Yong Heng, Loke, Kenneth Teh, Wern Tien, Lawrence Leong, Luc (belgium guy), Wong Kei Ming, Geraldine & Tay Poh Chye (
der Kick-Boxing Runner).

All crazy fella, start so fast... I dont think today is a recovery run, cinya tired like hell now.

There will be no training for tomoro (28th October 2008) sorry ya.. need to rest. Very der exhausted now, traning will resume back on wednesday ok!

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