Friday, November 07, 2008

Brooks Trance 8 (Women) for Sale

My new sole mate for sale, sob sob...

After wearing it for twice at total milage of 12.5km, I decided not to use the shoe anymore. The reason is, the shape of the shoe does not suit me. My feet are not exactly neutral, they are almost flat with wide width, left foot is more obvious than the right. When I wear this pair of shoe, the ball of the forefoot at left touches the edge of the shoe and perhaps is exceeding it, that's why the my foot was 'terkepit' by the edge.

No doubt that this is a high-end running shoe, but it just does not suit me. Below is the information of the shoe, feel free to contact me if you are interested. You can also go to Brooks outlet at The Curve to try out, but I'm selling it at almost 50% off.

Model: Brooks Trance 8 (Women)
Release: Fall 2008
Size: USA 7 (UK 5 or 24CM)
Color: Slv/Whtprl/Shado/Morange/Pltgr (exactly as the image)
Widths: B
Category: Support (cushioning)
Platform: Universal (neutral)
More info from official site: Brooks Trance 8 1200341B

Date of Purchase: 1st Nov 2008
Blog Post on First Purchase: New Sole Mate
Mileage so far: 12.5km
Usage History: 4.11.08 4km at TPM, 6.11.08 8.5km at Bukit Jalil Park
Reason of selling: Not suit my feet
Selling Price: RM290 (original price RM579)
Contact Person: Ameba 016-6113168 (

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250 bleh tak?