Friday, November 28, 2008

Donate Your Old Running Shoes

Dear all runner and non runners,

Do you all have plenty of old running shoes/snickers which no longer wear it? Have u ever thinking of donating to the unfortunate people home. Guess, Now u have the chance of the lifetime do so through me.

On starting today onwards until 01/01/2009, I will begin with collecting the unwanted old running shoe for the donation to the Monfort Boys Town homes for those teenagers’ orphans.

For further detail about Monfort Boys Town is at this website

At the last day of collection, it will be held at the Tapak A, Lake Garden in conjunction with der Pacemakers Network Run 2009 aka New Year Run 2009. In fact, there will be setup a small booth consist of a box to allow u throw or dump your old running shoes/snickers at the refreshment area.

Upon collection, please bear in mind that your donations of the running shoes are still in safe condition, usable and wearable for those orphan teenagers.
Quickly, this is right time and right place to show your good deed as well as good heart. It also allows you to gain more merit doing these donation.

Please help the children as helping yourself for the better world and better quality of life.

Lastly, see u at the PACEMAKER New Year Run 2009.
Shall have any further doubt or queries about the donation, please do not hesitate to call me 012-2654763 or email it to me

Thanks and regards in love and peace.

as per cc Theresa Lim the Monfort Boys Town Officer

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