Friday, November 14, 2008

Freedom Run - Bebaskan Makkal Sakthi 5

Those interested in participating in the run can contact Dr. Wong Aun Peng at 012-6644432. He will place you at points where more people will be needed. You may also let him know where your preferred area would be and how far you can run. There are some who are game to try going all the way i.e. from Klang to Kamunting.

The itinerary of the event is as below:

Saturday 15 Nov 08. (Selangor)

0800 - Flag off at DAP Pandamaran Service Centre (near the market).
Route towards Bt Tinggi/Bayu Perdana traffic light (YB Charles Santiago Service Centre).
Towards Jalan Kim Chuan and onwards to YB M. Manoharan's service centre (near Hin Hua school).
Simpang Tujuh roundabout and towards Jalan Tengku Kelana (Indian Street).

0845 - Cross the Klang bridge and towards Gold Coast hotel, Pin Hua school.
Pin Hua school to CIMB bank and Jalan Meru, pass High School to (YB Teng Chang Khim's service centre).

0900 - Jalan Kapar, batu 2 setengah. Straight to Kapar town.

1000 - Kapar town. Proceed to Jeram.

1200 - Kuala Selangor.

1330 - Tg Karang.

1430 - Sekinchan.

1630 - Sg Besar.

1800 - Sabak Bernam.
Run stop for the night.

Sunday 16 Nov 08 (Perak)

0700 - Start run at Selangor/Perak border. Will be met by DAP Perak leaders and members.

0745 - Hutan Melintang.

0800 - Simpang Empat.

0900 - Teluk Intan.
Run back to Kg Kok. Kg Kok junction to Sitiawan.

1200 - Sitiawan.

1400 - Pantai Remis.

1630 - Simpang.

1700 - Taiping.

1730 - Kamunting.

NOTE : Timing is approximate.

Dr. Wong Aun Peng

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Anonymous said...

Too bad, they shud have checked that the memorable event clashes with the famous PBM. Many runners will be up north. But good cause lah! tabik!