Thursday, November 06, 2008

My feeling in organising der Pacemakers Network Run 2009

First of all , I would like to say thanks to Mr. Ronnie @ PM1 who has given me an opportunity to be a race director in organising der_pacemakers Network Run 2009 on the 1st January 2009 at Lake Garden Children Playground.

I was always looking forward to the next new year run once I had completed the course of 13.8km early this year. It comprised of 90 over participants in 2008, no doubt there was a lot of great runners who turned up for the race and recorded good timing for themselves making this event competitive. For me, it was not easy to complete 13.8km because we need to have endurance and patience, the distance neither too long nor too short, although it was tiring but i could imagine once i had completed the run I felt absolutely happy and excited! From there i got to know some new friends, different style of running from the runners, new atmosphere etc...

I am very happy and excited to be the race director for der_pacemakers Network Run 2009 as this my first experience organising and managing a race. It is a brand new challenge for me because I have to make sure everything is going fine and I would say this is the difficult one. I think it is not going to be easy because it needs a lot of commitments not only from the race director, also other members who help up to succeed the event. The previous events which by organised by the Pacemakers were not easy under certain circumstances but they managed it well and were able to cope with all the stresses and difficulties. I believe i should be able to make the event happen too though I can not promise I can do better than what they did in the previous events but I am very confident and definately will try my best to make it a memorable one.

Some of them was asking is der_pacemakers Network Run being organised in 2009. According to PM1 the new year run will only be hold once in 2 years at the beginning of the year. Since so many people support the new year run in 2009, so we requested and made a decision that I am willing to take up the challenge and responsibility as this is an opportunity to train up myself in future which I can easily deal with obstacles I am going to face later in life. Besides, it is also a chance to know more friends with different cultures, races, and personalities.

Last but not least, I would like to say thanks for those help me in succeeding the event, very appreciate your help. Hopefully der_pacemakers Network 2009 is the most successful one!

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