Sunday, December 28, 2008

20K LSD Training for upcoming GE30K

When : 26th December 2008
Meeting Point : Bkt Aman Car Park
Starting Time : 6.15am
Distance : 20.24km
Attendance : Pm1, Stanley, Meyappan, Chin Teck Sin, Kenny Tan, Ahmad Farid, Mohd Hailmi, Wong Kei Ming & Kelvin Ng.

My Split Time :
9.66km - 51'55
0.92km - 04'38 > 56'34
9.66km - 45'22 > 1h 41m 56s

Result of Last 9.66k Split:
45'00 - Stanley Cheong
45'02 - Meyappan
45'22 - Ronnie See
47'38 - Kenny Tan
48'32 - Chin Teck Sin
48'33 - Ahmad Farid
48'46 - Mohd Hailmi
48'54 - Suresh
63'19 - Wong Kei Ming
63'19 - Kelvin Ng

Cinya paiseh der whole gang hv to wait for me, bcoz I was late, baby noty loh.. that why I'm late. Today our menu is 20K nia, after 2 days of rest from 30k torturing, energy level back to normal. Thanks to my endurox recovery drink, cinya fast recover. Today der group got 10 ppls running for 20k, cinya happy to see so many turn up.

Kenny Tham & Farid lead der bachang pack from start until to Sri hartamas, n we oso cover 1 loop of petronas, instead of 2 loops, bcoz most of us are tired from 30k run on thurs. While waiting for Kelvin & Kei Ming to arrived, we hv a water stop n a bit of chit chat.

Going for our 2nd 10K, again Kenny Tham lead der pack. I'm juz try my best to follow der group, making sure not losing der gap. After cross over der jln duta flover, der pace is getting faster n faster liao. Only left me, stanley, meyappan & kenny in der group, der rest are far behind. And after der Tijani hill, der pacer go even faster. Kenny drop off der pace, left me, stanley n meyappan battle until finish. It was a great run, der 30K training really help a lot on my stamina. Not feel really tired, juz that I only kenot ran fast. hehe!

Next Coming Menu :
When : 29th December 2008, Monday
Meeting Place : Lake Garden Playground
Running Route : Lake Garden / Carcosa
Time : 4.25pm
Distance : 2.8km x 4 = 11.2km
When : 30th December 2008, Tuesday (REST)
What : 1 Mile Dash Run
When :
31st December 2008, Wednesday
What : Der Pacemakers Network Run
When :
1st January 2009, Thursday


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