Thursday, December 25, 2008

30K LSD Training for upcoming GE30K

When : 25th December 2008
Meeting Point : Bkt Aman Car Park
Starting Time : 6.10am
Distance : 30.38km
Attendance : Pm1, Stanley, Meyappan, LFS, Chin Teck Sin, Naresh & Murali

My Split Time :
9.66km - 49'49
0.92km - 04'33 > 54'22
0.92km - 04'27 > 58'49
0.92km - 04'20 > 1h 03m 09s
8.30km - 39'29 > 1h 42m 38s
9.66km - 46'27 > 2h 29m 06s

Other Result :
2'28.53 - Stanley Cheong
2'28.54 - Meyappan
2'29.06 - Ronnie See
2'58.46 - Lai Fong Sang
3'15.09 - Chin Teck Sin
0'00.00 - Murali Nathan (DNF - masuk ambulance car)
0'00.00 - Naresh Kumar (DNF - masuk ambulance car)
2'11.26 - Wong Kei Ming (20.7km)

Cinya suffer kau-kau lat like kok plus cat n dog too!
Dont know I so kan cheong about this morning 30K run. Maybe bcoz Naresh n Murali are joining us for 30K gua? Reach bkt aman at 5.45am, oredi so many runners turn up liao. However only 7 of us are running 30K, der majority goes to 20k.

Look like this 30K training everyone look cinya serious wan, starting oredi start tekan turbo liao. Naresh oredi starting der fire, i think he cinya unpatient. Der 1st 10k too us only 49mins plus, I cinya worry a bit, bcoz still long way to go. After cover 3 loops of petronas, we head for our 1st water stop, which was volunteer by Lionel. Cinya kam siah n kam tung for his help, der 20K category haven touch down yet. So we proceed to our journey of 8.3km before heading back to our 2nd water stop, and der pace still going cinya fast, touch down at 39mins plus.

After that, Naresh n Murali call it a day liao. So only left me, stanley & meyappan to continue our last hurdle of 9.6km.. while Lai & Chin haven finish their 8.3k yet. From this moment on, I can feel that I'm very tired like kok liao, but der journey still have to carry on.

Our final water stop was at Tijani area, which is 4km away to finish. Me n meyappan need a break liao, coz both of us almost dying, but der ultraman stanley can continue without water, cinya unbelievable. After refreshing ourself, meyappan start to press oil liao, I hv to chase him like cat n dog. Only 3 of us manage to finish sub 2'30, cinya thank you for der pacing. Now I'm cinya tired like kok, want to sleep liao! Zzzzz......

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