Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Proposed 30km Route On Christmas Day Run

May I propose the most convenient way for 30km route with adequate water station?

From Bt Aman Car park to Petronas Sri Hartamas = 9.66km (as per Choi GPS kok), [WATER STATION STOP 1]

then 3 loops of petronas = 3 X 0.915km = 2.745km (as per my roller wheel kok measured last December), ), [WATER STATION STOP 2]

then Petronas Sri Hartamas to Compleks Kerajaan and back to Sri Hartamas Petronas Station = approx 8km (car measurement = 8.3km), [WATER STATION STOP 3]

finally Sri Hartamas back to Bt Aman car park = 9.59km (as per Choi GPS kok).

Total distance cover will be = 9.66km + 2.745km + 8km + 9.59km = 29.995km

I really hope I can complete the distance of 30km, regardless of timing. It will be my deciding factor as to whether I will sign up GE30k!

What do you think?

Lai Fong Sang

by Pm1,

Lionel is voluntering to help on water station, so pls deposit ur water bottles to Lionel at Bukit Aman b4 6am. This will help us a lot for our LSD, and I oso propose water station der last 4km before to Tijani area. Hv a nice day, see u guy on thurs!

Attendance for 30k :
Pm1, Stanley, Naresh, Murali, Mohd Azali, Meyappan, etc...

Attendance for 20k :
Wong Kei Ming, Suresh, Hong, etc..


chongwah said...

u guys have a hapi run. wil be stranded in spore la. c u all in GE30K! i hav 2 train alone here.

Forza Meyya said...

I agree with the proposal.

TWT said...

Not including 4 loops LG alr?