Friday, January 02, 2009

Der Pacemakers Network Run 2009 - 'Thank You Note'

1st January 2009 :

First of all, i would like to thanks Mr. Lee Yee Sum from Excel Chemical Trading Sdn Bhd, the main sponsor for the event, also thanks to Mr. Aeow Cen Peng, Mr. Chen Keat Hoong, Mr. Naresh Kumar, Mr. Tee Kuan Meng, Mr. Vincent Wong, Klang Pacer Athletic Club to be our co-sponsor, thanks again to Active Ad for sponsoring tins of Milo.

Next, thanks to Mr. Ronnie, Stanley, Rachel for their help in hanging the banner a day before the race day. Many thanks to my advisor cum consultant Mr. Ronnie for his help and guidance. Our photograghers of the event Tey Eng Tiong, Lee Yin Fook and others for their effort in taking pictures of the event. Not forgetting Kelvin Ng for his humour and laughter to make this event more interesting. Thanks to all volunteers for sacrifying your sleeping time to assist us and make the event successful.

Thanks to Nazib, Hong, Ronnie for designing logo of volunteer's t-shirts/medal, event poster, position tags respectively. Thanks to Mr. Khoo Chong Beng for his timing chip system to ease our volunteer's jobs.

Last but not least, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and grateful to everyone who had taken part in our pacemakers network run 2009, without your attendance and support, the event will not happen. I appologies if there is anything I had done and said wrongly. I hope everyone enjoy the race today, Once again, thank you very much, really appreciate it!

Note :
To all the participants, appreciate if you could kindly give us some comments about the Network Run. We welcome all the comments irrespective of positive or negative. Because we still learn from mistake, without your advice, we won't be able to improve further. Thank You and happy new year 2008.
Email :
Website :
Hp number : 016-2166277

What I feel :
It has been a great moment for me because it is such a fantastic feeling in organising this event for the first time. Certainly it is not easy being a race director where Mr Ronnie always feel nervous before the race day for every races he had been organised, same as what I felt today, they asked me not to worry or nervous so much as they would help me up but I still felt nervous, it was just very difficult to control my emotion. It needs a lot of commitments not only from the race director but also everyone who is helping. well, when the event was ended, I felt released and very happy that we have done a great job for the entire event. The feeling was undescribable and the satisfaction is unbelievable! Hopefully I will be the event manager for the next events as I am so excited about it!

Wong Kei Ming @ PM55, Race Director


jue said...

Congratulation to the new and 1st time Race Director, Wong Kei Ming. A great run to start off for the New Year.

Only one request - please serve some other food for breakfast and not nasi lemak anymore. something more healthy.

pm1 said...

jue, nasi lemak is malaysia #1 famous food, once a while ok lah..

sumore this nasi lemak very famous ponya, everytime very long queue to get der food.

next time we try to get other food oso, if fund is enuf.

thanks for ur comment.

Kenny said...

Thank you for your hard word in organising . Most enjoyable race , some more got timing chip . Well done !

May I suggest to get more helpers who can do ad hoc things like carrying the drinks from one end to the other to shift position of water station , I saw the ladies carrying the drinks and no male helper help them , just you and 1 more Indian guy.