Friday, January 02, 2009

Pictures from Ah Fook @ PM40

runners arrived as early as 6am

reporting time

der volunteers : buluman & adam kok

ready to go : kelvin give der final briefing

Speeding bullet : Murali setting der fastest record for 1 loop 8'06s

Focus : Jasni & Syahidan, der top two speedy gonzalez.

Overall Champion : Iwata from Japan, and oso breaking der Network Run course record.
Previous record hold by Murali 56'50, new world record now stand at 53'07!

colourful cup for water station

Kevin Chow Yuen Fatt : mutu tadak tak apa, gaya mesti ada

Mr. YS Lee : der main sponsor for Network Run 2009


runners getting ready for their finishing

Yeah! I made it : Wong Kei Ming der Race Director for Network Run

Proud Moment : Michelle Tan der women open champion, der only women ran sub 40mins under 4 loops.

more pic kindly click der link @ Ah Fook

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