Friday, April 24, 2009

1st Trial Run Exam for SCKLM 2009

This coming sunday is my 1st trial exam for SCKLM at Bidor Half Marathon, according to Choi, if u want to dip below sub-marrine 3.30. Firstly, ur half marathon must be cinya powerful first, then only talk about sub 3.30 in 42km. By kok or by underwear, I will try mybest to dip below sub 1'33 if can lah, becoz cinya der hot lah starting at 7am. May god bless my pia spirit all der way from start until finish, ahlehluya!

See u guys at Bidor wan tan mee plus extra char siew yoke! :P


RunWitMe said...

Oey! I thot you dont eat prok one? LOL!

Rozmi @ Amin said...

Ronnie...time to beat for every 5 Km mark..good luck..

5km - 0:22:02
10km - 0:44:04
15km - 1:06:06
20km - 1:28:09
21.1km - 1:33.00

Rozmi @ Amin said...

Average pace should be 4.24/km

Anonymous said...

dun show your lausai face

- Carrie Underwood