Friday, April 17, 2009

Thing for sale!

Item : Polar Multisport Training Device S625X
Accessories : Watch, heart rate monitor’s strap, foot pod
Price : RM450 (Negotiable)
Condition : Used with well maintained
Contact : Chui Miew ( 016-6113168

Polar S625X is designed to indicate the level of physiological strain and intensity in sports and exercise. It also measures altitude and temperature in running/cycling. No other use is intended or implied. The altitude and temperature functions are not designed to be exclusive measuring equipment in aviation, climbing sports, water sports or their equivalent. Heart rate is displayed as number of heartbeats per minute (bpm).

Features :
- Heart rate monitor, max/average heart rate of each lap, max/average heart rate of total exercise
- Speed, pace, distance, odometer
- Auto lap recording
- Target pace, target pace alarm
- Altitude, ascent, decent, temperature
- etc

Official product info:

chui miew


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