Saturday, April 18, 2009

Der Kancheong Road to SCKLM : Wk 05/15th

What : Training for Cinya Kan Cheong SCKLM
When : 18th April '09, Saturday
Meeting Time : 5.45am
Meeting Point : Bukit Aman Car Park

Distance : 29.42km (9.64k + 2.27k + 7.87km + 9.64k) according YS Lee GPS kok!

Atandant : Pm1, Stanley, Chin Teck Sin, Tang Wern Tien, Andrew Chan, Steven Khoo, Ameba Chan, Kenny Tan, Wong Kei Ming, Suresh, Hannah Bobice Loh Kean Teong, YS Lee, Daniel Tan, Ryan Teoh, n 2 new friends which i forget der name liao.

My Split Time :
9.64km - 53'18.61
2.27km - 12'03.99 > 1h 05m 22s (1st pit stop)
7.87km - 40'54.83 > 1h 46m 16s (2nd pit stop)
9.64km - 47'54.16 > 2h 34m 10s

Other Timing :
2'34.12 - Bryan Lee (29.42km)
2'38.32 - Stanley Cheong (29.42km)
2'49.25 - Tang Wern Tien (29.42km)
3'02.19 - Chin Teck Sin (29.42km)
3'10.34 - Wong Kei Ming (26.09km)
3'23.15 - YS Lee (30.45km)
3'23.15 - Daniel Tan (30.45km)
0'00.00 - Steven Khoo (23.82km)
2'04.45 - Kenny Tan (21km)
2'33.45 - Ryan Teoh (19.28km)
1'01.15 - Suresh (12km) injury!

Cinya der Hot n thirsty like kok day!
Today everyone suffer kau-kau lat like kok, due to unpreditable heat condition. However kenot take this as an excuse, rain or shine training must go on. And ayam oredi very happy, so many runners turn up for der training, so kenot conplain so much lah.

Sorry banggali again, next week there will be no LSD. Mostly der group of ppl are heading to Bidor Half Marathon, training will resume back at Pacemakers Circuit Run 1 @ Lake Garden children playground on 1st May 2009 (friday).

Whose who wish to sign up, pls hurry up, tomoro is der last day n those who yet to make payment too.. tomoro oso der last for making payment. For more detail, kindly contact Wong Kei Ming -

Kam Siah & Kum Tung!


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Kenny said...

The 2 friends I believe is Marvin and Harry Lee , my friend