Friday, May 29, 2009

Der Kancheong Road to SCKLM : Wk 11/15th

What : Training for Cinya Kan Cheong SCKLM
When : 30th May '09, Saturday
Meeting Point : Bukit Aman Car Park
Starting Time #1 : 5.00am (Ronnie)
Starting Time #2 : 5.15am (Ronnie)
Starting Time #3 : 5.30am (Ronnie)
Starting Time #4 : 6.00am (Ronnie actual starting time)

Attendants : Cinya good respond!

My Split Time :
02.56km [02.56km] - 15'41.94
02.56km [05.12km] - 14'44.54 > 30'26.48
02.56km [07.68km] - 14'41.32 > 45'07.70 (water stop)
09.64km [17.32km] - 53'49.41 > 1h 38m 57s
02.27km [19.59km] - 12'34.57 > 1h 51m 31s
02.27km [21.86km] - 12'22.21 > 2h 03m 53s (water stop)
02.27km [24.13km] - 12'35.70 > 2h 16m 29s
02.27km [26.40km] - 12'12.27 > 2h 28m 41s (water stop)
09.64km [36.04km] - 51'29.51 > 3h 20m 11s
00.60km [36.64km] - 03'27.72 > 3h 23m 39s
00.60km [37.14km] - 03'26.64 > 3h 27m 05s

Total Distance Cover : 37.14km

U can join me whichever time u like within 5am - 5.45am, I will do extra loop at bird park first before I join der Tony group at 6am. Each loop of 2.61km will take me about 15mins per loop, each time I will pass by der bkt aman car park. This will be my FINAL LSD for above 30km run, All are welcome!

Message from Tony :
Hi All,

This sat, i organising 30km practice run in view of the SCKLM.

Venue : Bkt Aman

Route : Bkt Aman to Hartamas to Jln Duta Govt Office to Hartamas & Bkt Aman (30km)
Bkt Aman to Hartamas to Bkt Aman (20km)

Water Station : Jln Duta - Govt Office (Bus Stop) - Water & Cold Grape Cordial Drinks

Starting time : 6am (Reason to start at 6am is to climatise the weather) - Late comers, pls. lari sendiri ya and catch with the rest

Others : Kereta Sapu is available to those runners kena cramp and mau tumpang

Sun : Easy 10km or join me at Bkt Jalil 4am for the Relay for Life - Endurance Race. (2 hrs)

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