Friday, May 29, 2009

adidas Season Clerance SALE at Atria


Anonymous said...

30min to get parking, 45min queue to get into the store and 45min queue to pay.... time inside the store to look see look see still not counted... alamak
2hrs can run very far oledi

Anonymous said...

Did you find anything interesting?

any running shorts, compression shorts, socks, etc.?

Anonymous said...

ya, a lot of things, shoe around RM120++, socks rm5, short rm30, vest RM30-50 dll.
but must be fast lo...nanti semua crab by other ppl.
my friends bought 4 pairs of shoes this morning, my turn after lunch no more size, a yo yo

Anonymous said...

adizero adios got but no size...!!
only size 5,6 available.

feifeipinky said...

i went there on saturday morning...running punya apparels apa pun takde liao.

yet the Q was crazy...ppl kept going in!!!