Sunday, June 28, 2009

My 1st Amkan Fool Marathon!

What : Lousy Standard Chartered KL Marathon
When : 28th June 2009
Where : Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur
Distance : 42.68km according to YS Lee gps kok
Awards : Finisher Medal & Lousy T-shirt
My Pacer : Stanley Cheong & Raymond Ng
Target : Sub 3 hrs 30 mins (paiseh, mission fail)

Sorry to all my fan for my mission fail, seem like everyone so kan chong to know how I did. Sms keep coming in, paiseh nia sob.. sob.. I'm juz 5 mins and 42 sec away off target. I was hoping this will be last last marathon liao if I can achieve sub 3'30, that mean I hv to come back again next year for revenge, provided Otak-Kong organise it nicely lah. Cinya disappointed wit them.

My Split Time : (some dist are not acurate & missing)
01km : 04'29.22
02km : 04'56.83 > 09'26.05
03km : 04'47.76 > 14'13.81
04km : 04'54.49 > 19'08.30
05km : 04'56.18 > 24'04.48
07km : 10'00.97 > 34'05.42
09km : 11'20.99 > 45'26.41
10km : 03'41.69 > 49'08.10

1st 10km was on target, feel like heaven. However, my shoe giving a problem liao. Due to wet route on these morning rain like cat n dog before race start.

12km : 09'44.71 > 58'52.81
13km : 04'56.45 > 1h 03m 49s
14km : 04'53.39 > 1h 08m 42s
15km : 05'00.21 > 1h 13m 42s
16km : 04'34.80 > 1h 18m 17s
17km : 05'15.68 > 1h 23m 33s
18km : 04'57.63 > 1h 28m 30s
19km : 04'57.13 > 1h 33m 28s
20km : 04'48.28 > 1h 38m 16s

After 20km, still on target n feeling good but my toe cinya painful like hell liao. Take 1 powergel n do some some stretching then continue my journey. Raymond n Stanley no more follow me liao, amkan! Run all by myself liao.

21km : 05'10.29 > 1h 43m 26s
22km : 05'04.61 > 1h 48m 31s
23km : 05'04.47 > 1h 53m 35s
24km : 05'03.47 > 1h 58m 39s
25km : 05'09.20 > 2h 03m 48s
26km : 05'09.01 > 2h 08m 57s
27km : 05'00.91 > 2h 13m 58s
28km : 05'19.44 > 2h 19m 17s
29km : 04'56.12 > 2h 24m 13s
30km : 05'13.98 > 2h 29m 27s

After 30km, still feel very good. Suddenly there was a uphill climb at Jln Hang tuah route, very der jialat. And oso feel like want to kencing liao, wasted a lot of time here.

31km : 06'33.98 > 2h 36m 01s (pit stop)
32km : 03'57.12 > 2h 39m 58s (still on target)
33km : 06'03.90 > 2h 46m 02s (from here off target liao!)
34km : 05'21.98 > 2h 51m 24s
35km : 05'25.86 > 2h 56m 51s

After 32km, I run out of gas liao. Cinya struggle, my both toe cinya cinya pain liao, sumore hv to run zig-zag to avoid 21km & 10km runners n share water wit them.. double amkan!

37km : 10'37.30 > 3h 07m 28s
38km : 05'54.08 > 3h 13m 22s
40km : 10'40.37 > 3h 24m 24s
41km : 05'32.01 > 3h 29m 34s (bye bye to 3'30 liao)
42km : 06'07.67 > 3h 35m 42s (base on Gun Time)


Anonymous said...

Medal and bag collection at the same wonder I queued up for 45 mins. Some more have to write name to collect medals. what are the organisers thinking? Even the fish market is more organised. No doubt, this is the worst running event I've been to. The 21K had no proper distance markers..or was there any for that distance? Thought I reached 9km in record time.

Rising Sun | 旭日东升 said...

Wow, finish marathon at 3hr30!


I hope I can slowly train up the distance to at least 15KM, so that I can train with your group every saturday. So I can get accustomed to your fast pace.

LG said...

congrats to you on your maiden marathon... off target but still very good timing la :)

沙紗 said...

hahaha... so paiseh.. i'm one of the 10km runner that u need to run zig zag to avoid us.. is my first marathon. congrats to u.. though is still a good record

lionel87 said...

wei...3.35 for first full very good leh...jealous liao...:p