Friday, June 26, 2009

Der Worst Collection Bib Ever in My Life

Never in my life make a u-turn after seeing der queue was so unbelievable long n worst not moving at all bcoz of power failure. Even no power failure, oso not moving at all. I was there at 1pm, saw Kei Ming oredi amkan waited more than 1 hr liao. He oso decide to go back wit me. Imagine I hv to collect for my wife bib 10km, then I hv to queue all over again after I long queue at 42km. Damn!! Amkan!

We will be there again after I finish my work at 7pm, hopefully der queue are not that long liao.

Otagon, pls speed up der work!!

Below message is from Loke :

Very disappointed with the organisers. FTAAA must be the happiest folks in town to see the chaos since the show was taken way from them.

Supposed to collect during lunch but went later because of rain. Arrived at 1:45 and it took me more than 80 mins to collect bib for FM category. Not many people in queue for FM but the problem is there are only 3 counters. Problem is compounded by people who collect more than 6 bibs (someone 3 positions ahead of me even collected for 21 pax). Organisers should have separate queue for bulk collection as this is the main cause of delaying those eho collect a few bibs. Queue is worse for HM and 10k. Two days is definitely not enough for bib collection. I cannot the imagine the situation tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

very true.. its just spoiled the mood for the big event like this...!!!so unprofessional!

tengster said...

Can I vent my frustration too.

Used my lunch hour to queue up for 2.5 hours. But then they said my number is MISSING. They asked to lodge my report in Info Counter. The queue is another 15minutes.

Now I have vest and the bag BUT without the farking bib number.....

I am a rookie but they are real terrible...Please dont tiu me anymore. I siberh amkam already. Had my lunch at 5pm.......

Anonymous said...

When I collect the bib around 3.30pm ,somebody FxxK the organiser officer,because very slow!at that time electricity suddenly breakdown around 25 minute.formed a long Q.

The collection efficiency if compare to standard chartered Singapore and Hong Kong ,I will bad comment to KL Bib collection.

Anonymous said...

must collect powerbar separately at the powerbar booth..???

Anonymous said...

Octagon should be ashamed of themselves!!! My friend and I queued for 2 hours before being told that someone had already collected for her, although she didn't authorise anyone to. When we asked the guy to look for her bib, her number was still in the box. Half an hour of pleading with him and running back and forth, she finally got her bib.

Bring back AmBank and FTAAA!

jue said...

iwas there at 4.20pm and collected my bib in less than 10 minutes. but the same cannot be said about my other running buddy from klang pacer.

the president and his exco were there since 12 noon to collect 50 bibs and only managed to settle all at closed to 7pm! many bibs were missing. heard someone demanded for refund at info counter from a white guy and he was treated quite rudely by that kwai lou!

i was there till 7.30pm and heard sooOOOOOO many complaint non stop from runners! gosh . . . . what the hell is wrong with a world class sports specialist? whats wrong with stanchart choice of organiser?

Edmund said...

Looks like there's a marathon b4 the marathon. I was there 12.15 and it was raining cats and dogs. With the power outage, I was standing in the rain with a group of other people. By the time I got my FM bib, 1.5 hrs burn, then fun run bib took another 1 hr. All in all, almost 3 hours...another 1.5 hour can finish the marathon already.

Should have join the kid's dash. I got my kid's bib under 5 minutes!!

amsyah said...

hi guys, I am a newbie so don't have anything to compare. I went to the tent at 11.30 am, and got mine within 20 minutes - perhaps I was in the lucky time frame.

was wondering y they didn't have our kit ready, even though we gave infos lot earlier i.e. vest size etc. thought everything shud be ready in the bag, ready for pick up je...

but collected the power bar separately, only to find out that it's EXPIRED!

Hasten said...

Wah, so hebat. I also want to tambah lauk.

From the 20 registrations that I did, 2 people had glitches. So, if the cap is 13,000 people...

From my group, one girl got no bib number.

Then hor, got one guy kena paling best... his name and IC does not exist in the system! His entry form was passed up by hand, at their bank. Payment receipt, also got. But his registration? No got.

Called up the organizers, they not picking up the phone. Finally, they did. They say tarak and cannot do anything.

Now I have to stop him from coming down from Penang. Hope he hasn't bought the bus ticket yet.

Imagine rite, if it happened to you and you have been training very hard for it...

Really tarak-STANDARD-until-off-the-CHART marathon.

zulhassan said...

next time we just lumba haram no need to Q long-long time !!!

Jamie Pang said...

i'm surprised personally with the problems encountered.

there should be no separation of queue/categories. All queue int he same lines.

the critical thing is to get the race packs sorted, settled and PACKED way before and separated by bundles according to category and sizes. then the persons handling the runners just concentrate and process while many volunteers can retrieve the packs.

this will prevent the problems encountered by multiple queues for multiple categories.

think McD queue concept. same queue serving multiple orders/products.

i collected my New York City Mara packs in less than 7 minutes. And that's a race of 40,000 runners.

the poor outstation runners will suffer the most.

it's a matter of will to make the event a success. to ALL organizers out there, big or small ask yourselves this question: how much are you willing to do and how much effort you're willing to put out to make an event truly a success?

luckily i'm just running the 10k, so am taking it with less concern. otherwise some amkan energy wasted on frust feelings before the mara.

Gabriel Johan said...

Jesus Christ....what is wrong with this "negara jahanam"? Octagon is not good at all. They think we're stupid, we've been overseas running before and how efficient they got theirs done. We should resign to the fact that we cannot have these kinds of events here in this goddamn place anymore. We should spend more money going abroad to run. And let the rich makan rasuah until they can fill up their big stomachs with money. and let the young become mat rempits, drug addicts, kaki fengtau, kaki Ecstacy and dunno what else...
And then we get blamed for not being patriotic and supportive of this "beloved" nation.
Runners n friends....let's ponder, is it worth being disappointed most of the time?
I was lucky as I got my number after 15 mins Q as I went there b4 12 but I was also hit by the heavy rain which gave a minor bout of flu. But the vest quality, out... So much for Reebok.
No big hopes for the full marathon, easy run 4 me, training for Borneo and SCSM after that.
Singapore, all the malaysian ringgit go to you every SCSM and Sundown!

heckler said...

yeah, my wife too stuck there for 3hrs. just to pick up both half and FM bib.

i guess the consolation for them will be the bib has a build it chip. other than that were all pathetic.

like some of the comments. FTAAA will be laughing all the way. I remember collecting the bib in the FTAAA office were way easier.

Ever wonder Why is it that anything that's being done in Malaysia will always ended up sub standard? I eman anything! be it products, events, projects etc.


doris 桃利思 said...

My colleagues went at around 11.15am, heard was very messy. They were collecting HM, 10K, fun run and kid dash.

I arrived at 3.30pm. Took less than 15min to collect for FM. So "timing" is very important...

However a volunteer seemed didn't believe I am running FM, he walked towards me and told me that the line was for FM. Probably a fat person like me shouldn't attempt to run FM :P

Btw, they didn't check IC. What if there are some insane people want to hijack my number?!

KC & the Sunshine Runners said...

Hi guys,

I went there to collect my bibs at 3pm today (Saturday 27 June) for half marathon category.

I saw Jenny Lim (Pacesetters Club former assistant) who is a volunteer there. It was very fast: I collected my bibs, bag, vest within 5 minutes. They even entertained me to change my vest for a better fit.

There were about 8 lanes opened for collection (for half category).

Have a good run/ KC

plee said...

If every running event managed by Otak -Gone then how to promote running /health awareness in the country...... are u listening MAAU??Thank goodness for people like Pacemakers keeping the Spirit alive!
New Runner