Friday, June 26, 2009

Der Kancheong Pangsai Road to SCKLM : Wk 15/15th (Final Countdown!)

This sunday is my most kan cheong day in my life liao!
Don't know how many time I'm gonna visit d toilet.

I couldn't believe myself, after running more than 13 yrs. This is only my 1st marathon, haha!
Anyway, 42k is not funny but it's fun.
Wish me good luck ya for 3.30!

To all my Pacemakers & Friends, do wear Red-Red on der race day ya!

Wish u guy all der best n good luck!

Remember ya!
No Pain No Gain &
Respect der TNS Distance!

brought 2u by pm1


Kit said...

All the best for the first marathon ronnie... i am sure you will do well!

Kit @ PM9

Ronnie See @ Pm1 said...


Kam Siah n Kum tung :)

All der best to u too!

calvin said...

With all the training and preparation you have put in you will be ok.

May the Force be with you!

Ronnie See @ Pm1 said...


May the Force be with you too :)

goldbaeq said...

Good luck, sure u can wan...Malysia boleh...hahaha...

very dissapointed n jealoz.. cant join SCKLM coz got work commitment on last minute..cinya..after all those circuit runs and event i entered tis year..

Gud luck 2 all runners n friends..

one last time kasi pia kau kau lat..hehehe

Ronnie See @ Pm1 said...


Thanks man!

R124L said...


zulhassan said...

good lick to u ronnie .. 3:30 too slow maaa.. go for 3:10

sure boleh punya..