Monday, October 05, 2009

Latest Update on Network Run 2010

Registration Closed !!
Last update on 05.10.09 @ 2.00am

Registration is closed, total 203 participants has sign up. Those who still want to sign up, U still can, however we will put U in waiting list. By end of Oct, runners who doesn't pay up, der waiting list will go in.

Pls register early to avoid disappointment or Amkan, limited entry!

The registration will be closed once the maximum number of participants of each category has achieved. However you can still register yourselves as participants of the Saucony Pacemakers Network Run, but your names will be put under our waiting list. For those who have registered earlier and unable to make payment before 1st November 2009, their names will be automatically cancelled and those who are in waiting will automatically being updated in the confirm list.

Men Age 17-29 - Maximum Entry Allow : 40/40 (CLOSED!!!)

Men Age 30-34 - Maximum Entry Allow : 39/30 (CLOSED!!!)

Men Age 35-39 - Maximum Entry Allow : 26/30 (CLOSED!!!)

Men Age 40-49 - Maximum Entry Allow : 43/40 (CLOSED!!!)

Men Age 50 > - Maximum Entry Allow : 18/20 (CLOSED!!!)

Women 34 < - Maximum Entry Allow : 25/25 (CLOSED!!!)

Women 35 > - Maximum Entry Allow : 12/15 (CLOSED!!!)

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Henry Wong said...

Hi Ronnie,

Where to get more detail about this run? and where to register?

Cheers, Henry

Ronnie See said...

Dear Henry Wong,

Here der full detail

Register Online, click here

Henry Wong said...

Thanks a million Ronnie, registered. Awaiting payment advice.