Sunday, October 04, 2009

4th Malaysia International Ekiden Run 2009

More update coming soon! Cinya tired like kok now!

Result for Mix Team : Official Result
56.32 - Der Pacemaker Network 1 (1st)
56.58 - Klang Pacers Athletic Club(2nd)
60.16 - Team MH [MAS] (3rd)
60.26 - Kakithon Plus (4th)
61.12 - Lightning Pacers (5th)

Result for Men Open Team : Unofficial Result
55.20 - ??? (1st)
55.50 - Der Pacemaker Network 2 (2nd)
00.00 - Der Pacemaker Network 3 (19th)

To all my teammates below, thanks for all der Pia kau-kau lat hard work!

Der Pacemaker Network 1 (Mix Team)
- RonSee | Stanley Cheong | Casey Lim | Daniel Tan | Georgina Beech

Der Pacemaker Network 2 (Men Open)
- Tang Wern Tien | Hong Zishen | Syahidan | Chow Yew Wei | TS Chin

Der Pacemaker Network 3 (Men Open)
- Kelvin Ng | Datuk Yaziz | Adam Kok | Ryan Teoh | Kee Guan Chye

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Anonymous said...

I was the 4th runner for TEam Der Pacemaker 1 and when i took over from Casey, we were in a good 2nd position. However, Murali was gone about 150m ahead and i guess i put on a chase from the start, eyeing him and the police outrider for at least 1.5km. I think due to the push to chase (and Murali is very fast)my tyres starts to deflate and i koyak! i was then feeling very tired as i do not know where i am heading (new route). no options but to push ahead from whatever energy i have left. Thanks to our never say die team, we made it, defending our championship for the 2nd year....Thanks team..bravo. Daniel