Saturday, October 31, 2009

And der Winner goes to....

Winner goes to Milky White. So as promise, Milky White will be our official Saucony Pacemakers Network Run t-shirt base on der vote. And runner up goes to Morning Glory Blue, that will be our volunteers color shirt. Sorry for Yam, lost by 1 vote nia, amkan!

Der Voting Result :

Blueberry Blue
9 (1%)
Lime Green
20 (3%)
Guava Green
9 (1%)
Milk White
152 (28%)
Juicy Orange
50 (9%)
Watermelon Red
7 (1%)
Mangosteen Purple
16 (3%)
Light Grey
5 (0%)
120 (22%)
Banana Yellow
8 (1%)
Morning Glory Blue
121 (22%)
Liver Maroon
10 (1%)


jue said...

i think something is not right with this polling. all this while Yam, Morning Glory Blue & Orange ran side by side & later orange dropped a little behind. out of no where in less than 2 days, MILKY WHITE took the TOP score!

200 runners but more than 500 voting? cinya many pengundi hantu nia . . . hahahaaaaaaaa Dracula Chen Pong2 @ work on this? heheheeee

Anonymous said...

Not fair and not the proper way to vote. You have an online registration rite? Voting should be done the same time as registration so that every participants get to vote once.
I'm a participant and was hoping for Yam/blue :(

Kelvin said...

Im hopping for the Yam will be the winner colour end up loose out so sad ... because I vote Yam

jue said...

kelvin, volunteer can still opt for YAMMY YAMMY. only runners are affected nia . .. . heheheeeeee