Saturday, December 19, 2009

der Pacemaker 24

Name : Fauzan bin Haji Ismail
DOB : 28th June 1982
Email :
Mobile : 012-5450068
Occupation : Butler (Bank Negara Malaysia)
Sponsor : Adidas , EFS First Endurance, Scoreboard TV3, Garex-C Cycling Team
Hobby : Running, Cycling, Swimming, Travel

Started involved in sport :
I started involve seriously in sport since the middle of 2007. When I joined Bank Negara, I first met my supervisor, Apau, I could not believe he is already above 50 years old because he looked so fit and he is like 30 years man, this is really impressed me and I felt very interesting. He involves actively in sport and he runs every day after finished working. One day, I decided to go to gymnasium and started running with him, when he opened his locker, I was so shock that his locker full with medals. From that day it has became some motivation to me, I felt very excited to join every running event. He always teaches me about sport and health and also the right way how to make dream come true.

Today whatever sport I do, I will try my best and do it very well, and I can see myself improving from time to time. I am hunger in achieving my dream, but I have a lot more to learn from others. I made a lot of friends in running field this short period of time, der Pacemakers Network is one of the fantastic group I have been looking for, and it is one of the dream which already came true for me. The most important thing that I ever want for is always the improvement of me. I know that there is always going to be very tough to achieve something which somebody thinks that is difficult but for me I love this kind of challenges.

I am looking forward to know more about this group, and I am happy to join this group because it is such a group which built up with all passionate runners. Last but not least, thanks for the invitation for me to be part of this ‘game’!


My first event :
Mizuno Wave Run 10km 2008 : 01:29:38 / Current 10km 00:46:00

Races Accomplishment :
1. KL International Marathon (21km) - 01:40:23 (42th)
2. KL international towerthon - 00:18:45 (3th in Media Category)
3. Exterra Malaysia - 00:00:00 (35th)
4. Powerman Malaysia - 04:00:23 (26th)
5. PD International - 00:00:00 (29th)
6. Perhentian Island Challenge - 00:00:00 (12th)
7. Malakof Duathlon Universiti Series 2009 (Top Media of the Year 2009)
8. Baling International Duathlon

2010 GOAL SET :
1. Langkawi Ironman
2. Sundown Ultra Marathon
3. Kinabalu Climbathon
4 .Aviva 70.3 Singapore
5. Powerman Malaysia (Target : Sub 4 Hours / Top 10 Malaysian)

audited and translated by pm55
welcome to der pacemakers family!


Lai Fong Sang said...

Champion, welcome to Pacemakers family!

jue said...

congrats for being on board PM's ship. keep up the pace.... go go go

Wern Tien said...

Champion.. you are the man. Keep up the spirit

artzzNtique said...

Congrats and Go Go Go ... :D

kaki LARI said...

congrats bro..keep on running..impossible is nothing..!

Anonymous said...

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ZuraidiZainol said...

mmg mantap nak go for ultra-marathon tu. good luck bro !

Carrie said...

Welcome to Pacemakers !