Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Route of Pacemakers Network Run 2010

Last Call for Bib & T-shirt Collection :
Date : 31st Dec 2009
Venue : Tapak A, Lake Garden
Time : 5.30pm - 6.30pm sahaja!

However, if you miss that one. U still can collect at der race day, but need to collect it b4 6.45am at der race venue. Late comer will not be entertain. There will be chip system as well, U need to report b4 7am. Bib number must be shown upon collecting of your chip system. Chip need to return after u have completed your run, to exchange for your hard earn medal.

No Chip No Medal!

This will be Pacemakers Network Run 2010 new running route, distance approx 3.06km by GPS kok. And you are required to climb a staircase as well.

According to Lai Fong Sang, our PM's quantity surveyor. There will be 170 step, which si equivalent to 8 stories height of a building. Lai has test this route many time liao, so he is very familiar wit it. I think everyone will suffer kau-kau lat for New Year.. haha!

Info courtesy from sue wong


CP Waterman said...

Wishing all the PMs & subPMS a happy & peaceful & properous New Year 2010!
Enjoy der run kau kau lat!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the detailed info. Very hi-tech using chip system!
Any chance to see the elevation over distance graph?