Sunday, January 24, 2010

This Week LSD (Week 7/8)

What : Training for Putrajaya Night Marathon
When : 24th Jan 2010, Sunday
Meeting Point : Bukit Aman Car Park, KL
Distance : 36.56km by gps kok
Time : 5.15am 3 loops of Bird Park 2.6km each loop
Time : 6.10am to Sri Hartamas

I'm glad all der harcore Shaolin training is over liao! This morning wake up very excited, never feel sleepy, 4.15am wake up liao, kan cheong all der way to Bkt Aman. But cinya sad, only saw Byran n Chin.. lucky got special Guest of Honor Mr.Moey Wooi San. Dont know wat bring him here, but I'm glad to have more pacer.

As for today LSD, my body feel very tired due to NB30K. However, der show must go on, cinya lucky no more on der turbo. It was a smooth sailing all der way to Hartamas. This is becoz Kenny Choo is not around, so can relax a bit lah. But der Sri Hartamas loop cinya der tough, struggle all der 3 loops. der rest is easy liao.

Result :
3'15.47 - Ronnie See
3'15.47 - Bryan Lee (36.53km)
3'17.03 - Chin Yong Heng (36.53km)
3'18.59 - Moey Wooi San (36.53km)

Here is our Split Time :
2.60km [02.60km] - 14'35.15
2.60km [05.20km] - 14'23.16 > 0h 28m 58s
2.60km [07.80km] - 14'09.47 > 0h 43m 07s
9.66km [17.46km] - 53'05.54 > 1h 36m 13s
2.27km [19.73km] - 12'21.42 > 1h 48m 34s
2.27km [22.00km] - 11'55.31 > 2h 00m 30s
2.27km [24.27km] - 11'46.44 > 2h 12m 16s
9.66km [33.93km] - 50'10.97 > 3h 02m 27s
2.60km [36.53km] - 13'20.05 > 3h 15m 47s

Next Training Session : 8/8 LSD
When : 31st Jan 2010, Sunday
Meeting Point : Bkt Aman, KL
Distance : 19.32km
Time : 6.15am

Revenge of the Fallen...
When : 6th Feb 2010, Saturday

Where : Putrajaya, KL
Distance : 42.195km
Time : 8.00pm

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