Friday, January 22, 2010

This Week LSD (Week 7/8)

When : 24th Jan 2010, Sunday
Meeting Point : Bukit Aman Car Park, KL
Distance : 36.53km by gps kok
Time : 5.15am can cover 3 loops of Bird Park 2.6km each loop
Time : 5.30am can cover 2 loops of Bird Park
Time : 5.45am can cover 1 loop of Bird Park
Time : 6.00am break for Water Station
Time : 6.05am from Bkt Aman to Sri Hartamas (9.66km)

Very flexible, can come anytime U wan. Last call is 6.05am, juz in case raining like cat n dog like last wk. Very amkan loh, have to delay der starting time.


This week Kenny Choo in Bidor, Kenny Tan in Khon Kean Marathon, Zi Shen injury. Is a big blow to me, coz I lost 3 good pacer. My hope now is depend on Bryan, Stanley & Chin Yong Heng. Hopefully none of them FFK lah, else cinya amkan nia!

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