Thursday, February 04, 2010

Revenge of der Fallen : 1 day Left (Kan Cheong)

What : Putrajaya Night Marathon
When : Saturday, 6 February 2010
Where : Palace of der Justice, Putrajaya
Distance : 42.9km (according to der map here!)
Starting Time : 8.00pm
Target :
3 hours 29 mins and 59 sec!

This is my 2nd Marathon after SCKLM '09, whether I got PB or no PB, this is my last marathon of der year liao, so by hook, by broom or by char koay teow.. mission must accomplish lah. This time I had loyal 5 pacers to help me to achieve der dream of sub 3'30, my autobot are Byran Lee, Stanley Cheong, Kenny Tan, Tay Poh Chye & Mohd Ruhjan (my manager). I hope Tay Poh Chye keep his promise not run like faklek again, honestly, Tay Poh Chye train harder than everyone, juz that he dont know how to use his pacing nia. Hopefully can help him this sat.

All der best to everyone too and good luck ya, let der battle begin!...

Pacemakers Transform!!

pia kau-kau lat!!!!


CP Waterman said...

All der best to all runners & captain "jia yue"!

Anonymous said...

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Rozmi @ Amin said...

Good luck...see u at finishing line..

Anonymous said...

peeMone, +U +U, we awaiting for your PB report kok afterward. Remember to write down the process in detail ya, cin cinya.

eugene_chan said...

dun worry, ur standard sure sub330, the johor guy my fren run also. pia kau-kau lat~

Carrie said...

Pia Kau Kau Lat !

Carrie said...

Salute to the captain ! (PM1)