Sunday, February 07, 2010

Revenge of der Fallen kok 2 ?

I know everyone is very kan cheong to know how I did in my 2nd full marathon. Well, cinya sorry to all my blog reader, gua mission fail again. Very disappointed wit myself, after all der hardcore training I had putting in.

Everything went well der 1st 10km, and I'm feeling very good coz I got Kenny, Byran & Stanley as a pacer. But disaster start after 12km, my toe giving me a problem liao. I try to hang on, until 20km I kenot tahan oredi. Kenny & Byran oredi ahead liao, while stanley nowhere to be seen. I stop to chk for my shoe, then continue again to chase my pacer. 23km I stop again for kencing. 25km I toe pain very kaulat liao, I ask my Rujhan (who carried water for me along der route wit his bike) to change sock wit him. Then feeling better a bit.

After 26km, I'm feeling back in action again, trying very hard to close der gap wit Kenny. After 30km I manage to stay behind Kenny, but run out of gas liao for 31km. From that moment, I start to run walk n run walk. Feeling cinya amkan! I never walk in a race before in my life. Now I had broken der egg.

I really must thanks to Rujhan who cycle along wit me, giving me der support. But I feel very sorry fom him to accompany me wit my turtle pace for der last 12km. How I wish there is a sweeper bus, coz I really give up my run liao. But on der other hand, My wife n son is waiting for me at finishing line. I dont want them to wait so long, I keep trying my best not to stop. Everyone is expecting me to finish below 3.30, eventho I know my mission fail oredi. I juz wan to quickly cross der finishing line!

Wit 2.5km to go, Chen pong pong sayur me, but I can only watch in pain. Der finishing line is so close but yet so far. der last 1km take me age to reach finish. Once I cross der finishing line, I so relief that all this is over liao. I'm so happy, my wife n son is waiting is waiting there for me liao. First time Adrian See sleep so late. And oso thanks to all der friends for cheering me at finishing line.

Revenge of der Fallen kok 2
Today failure is not end of der world, for sure I will come back for another marathon. Today marathon is der most painful experience, but I will rise again. But not this year lah, probably next year SCKLM'11 or SCSM'11. Let my home minister decide ya.

Kam tung n Kam Siah for reading my report!

Here is my Amkan Split Time :
01km : 4'24.36
02km : 4'41.40 > 09'05.76
03km : 4'37.05 > 13'42.81
04km : 4'45.17 > 18'27.98
05km : 4'46.13 > 23'14.11
06km : 4'52.57 > 28'06.68
07km : 4'43.33 > 32'50.01
09km : 8'07.35 > 40'57.36
10km : 6'28.44 > 47'25.80

11km : 05'06.69 > 52'32.49
13km : 10'08.42 > 1h 02m 40s
15km : 10'06.46 > 1h 12m 47s
16km : 05'12.13 > 1h 17m 59s
17km : 05'17.84 > 1h 23m 17s
18km : 05'04.96 > 1h 28m 22s
19km : 05'12.48 > 1h 33m 34s
20km : 05'21.12 > 1h 38m 55s

21km : 05'42.62 > 1h 44m 38s
22km : 05'15.64 > 1h 49m 54s
23km : 05'35.40 > 1h 55m 29s
24km : 05'19.16 > 2h 00m 48s
26km : 12'19.42 > 2h 13m 08s
27km : 05'35.38 > 2h 18m 43s
28km : 05'29.42 > 2h 24m 12s
29km : 05'20.75 > 2h 29m 33s
30km : 05'27.79 > 2h 35m 01s

31km : 05'50.12 > 2h 40m 51s
32km : 06'35.27 > 2h 47m 26s
33km : 06'54.61 > 2h 54m 21s
34km : 07'56.67 > 3h 02m 18s
35km : 07'49.19 > 3h 10m 07s
36km : 05'53.70 > 3h 16m 01s
37km : 07'01.26 > 3h 23m 02s
38km : 07'03.49 > 3h 30m 05s
39km : 05'44.27 > 3h 35m 50s
40km : 06'38.07 > 3h 42m 28s

41km : 06'31.61 > 3h 48m 59s
42km : 08'39.88 > 3h 57m 39s

Next International Duty :
SCKLM 2010 (21km)

brought 2u by pm1


Anonymous said...

Bro. don't feel too bad as each of us have our off days. Well. you live to fight another day.

jue said...

cinya kamtung with your report. no problem nia, there's always another marathon for revenge of der fallen kok . . . . cheer on! at least you should be proud your wife & sin were there receiving you..

Anonymous said...

SCKLM 2010 - this should be FULL to redeem yourself.

Mind telling us what sock you wear that cause you so much discomfort?

lionel87 said...

Perhaps it was just a bad day or may be the body wasn't used to a night marathon...but you did really well in the recent NB 30k. At least that's always something to look at :)

Anonymous said...

Your arrogance and over confidence caused you this and this calls for a celebration. Announcing so loudly and failing at the end is a definetely the moment of truth.

Inexperience in running a marathon plus one that is at night with your stupid training regime, you really deserve this and you don't deserve to be a marathoner, not even a runner.

Anonymous said...

Hi ronnie, i took part in the 21 km run & find the race got lot hilly slope.
To cross the line below 4 hrs for marathon indeed an achievement.
Try to achieve your PB next time.

Kenny said...

I'm sorry about your predicament . The good point is not many can sub 4 , tahniah !!

Anonymous said...

Ronnie, It's ok one. That's the beauty (or pain) of running a marathon. You wont know how will u feel on race day. That's why I always set 3 goals (1. sub 3:30, 2.PB and 3. hit below 4 hours.
Really enjoyed training and running with you guys. Let me know when will you want to revenge part 3 and i will come and join u.
Bryan Lee.

jue said...

aiyoooo . . . sorry nia for my typing error above . . . i mean your wife & son were there receiving you.

its ok lah. you have inspire many to run and make new PB. be proud of that. at least you did inspired me to do a PB in the PBIM2009 otherwise i will definitely not make it to the qualifying time.

dannie chOOng said...

good result depite the stopping, walking and sock changing !!! believes you'll come back strong on the next event.
personally, i felt Putrajaya 21km is much tougher than the recent 30km New Balance run...

Anonymous said...

For all the drama of chaning socks, toilet break and toe pain still sub-4hrs - quite good already.

Anyway, better u experience off day now n learn how to deal with it so u will come back stronger.

The big, big challenge for any athlete is to get over the pain of the "off day". Fine to feel bad complain BUT MOVE ON. You will get your goal of sub 3:30.

Good luck- Alvin, adiNation group n new to the sport.

C-CUBE said...

That is why this statement never goes away in a marathon bcos every race is different and anything can happen.

Respect The Distance!!!!

And I know its never ez to do a 3.30 marathon. Took me lotsa of hard training to do that during my peak and in a hot/humid country

eugene_chan said...

coming many race, still got a lot of chance! PB coming~

Rozmi @ Amin said...

That we call a marathon....anything can happend, nothing to worry think you're slow, just look behind you, lot of runner left..keep on running..and don't skip your training programme..