Tuesday, March 09, 2010

This Week Training

When : 10th March 2010
Where : Lake Garden Playground
Distance : 2.3km X 4 (9.2km)
Weather Condition : Hot like Char Siew Yoke AGAIN!

My Split Time :
10.43.22 | 10.34.75 | 10.34.63 | 10.02.62

Congrats to Fauzan, Kenny & Rujhan for PB today, well done brother n sister!

Result :
41.01 - Fauzan Ismail - PB!
41.08 - Kenny Tan
- PB!
41.55 - Ronnie See
44.19 - Rujhan
- PB!
48.02 - Foong Sai Siong
48.22 - Vijay
51.57 - Sue Wong
00.00 - Feiruz (3 loops)
00.00 - Eileen
(3 loops)
22.12 - Wong Kei Ming - (2 loops - Pancit kau kau lat!!!)

When :
9th March 2010
Where : Lake Garden Playground
Distance : 2.3km X 4 (9.2km)
Weather Condition : Hot like Char Siew Yoke!

Today pacing cinya der high explosion wan, and I'm very disappointed again wit this Fauzan. Always come to der 3rd loops, he oredi run out of gas. This is der 3rd time he doing this habit, which mean I have to pia all by myself until finish.. cinya der jialat n suffering to pia alone. I could have done better if he able to give me some challenge on der 4 loops, but I could tell u that der weather cinya der hot like babi-queue.

Congrats to Rujhan for his PB, well done brother!

My Split Time :
10.34.56 | 10.18.79 | 10.11.10 | 10.14.96

Result :
41.19 - Ronnie See
44.22 - Kenny Tan
44.50 - Mohd Rujhan - PB!
53.35 - Ameba Chan
00.00 - Fauzan Ismail (3 loops)
00.00 - Tang Wern Tien (2 loops)

brought 2u by pm1


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