Thursday, April 15, 2010

Adination Program of Runners

What : adiNation of Runners
When : 15th April 2010, Thursday

Meeting Point : KLCC Park
Route : KLCC Jogging Track
Time : 6.35pm
Menu : 1.3km x 5 loops = 6.5km (Tempo Run)

Results :
25.55 - Richard Habeya (5 Laps)
29.57 - Ronnie See
29.57 - Melvin Lim - PB!
31.43 - Richard Habeya (6 Laps)
34.11 - Loke Shu Sun
35.25 - KKYam - PB!
37.29 - Kee Guan Chye
38.06 - Yap Chee Ching
40.52 - Fiona Lee
46.58 - Malcalm Chew
00.00 - Raymond Wong Chin Choy (4 Laps)
00.00 - Andy Yap (4 Laps)

Pm1 split time :
6.18.64 | 6.09.72 | 6.02.72 | 5.54.66 | 5.32.22

Pacemakers book of record, pls click here! Kei Ming to update soon!


rooky said...


i'm a new runner and sometime I do see you guys training at klcc. I'm keen to join you guys but looking at the time posted by most of the runners in your programme, it is really intimidating.

perhaps you might want to consider having another session (on another day)only for new/slower runners.


jue said...


the training at kg pandan sports centre is different. they are training for a team competition. you may join them in klcc or lake garden on tuesday & wednesday respectively. its known as the Adination Program for new runners & season runners. so, you may start slow or run at your own pace and learn from more experience runners to improve your speed or timing.

just walk over to say 'hello' and said you would like to join in the run. you'll be surprise how fast you are being accepted as part of the 'family'.

rooky said...

thanks jue. will surely say hi the next time i see guys at KLCC.