Sunday, August 29, 2010

NEWTON Pacemakers 6th Anniversary Run - Result

More complete result wit individual name and split time will be coming out soon, pls be patient ya.. Special thanks to Mr.Lai Fong Sang der Result director cum timkeeper.

"While all other runners enjoy their dreamland after tiring run at NPAR6 this morning, I still pia like cat and dog non-stop for updating result! Calculating individual split time, verifying each team split and overall timing based on available sources, various analysis for the relay etc... for 236 runners (44 X 4 +20 X 3), gonna pengsan to bed soon! So far wollup 5 packats of nasi lemak plus 2 cups of white coffee!" - Lai Fong Sang

brought 2u by Pacemakers Network


travelphotobug said...

Thanks for the wonderful event this morning! The nasi lemak very best-lah!

Bobby said...

Thank you very much to Ronnie see & his team for such wonderful job of organizing this NEWTON Pacesetters 6th Anniversary Run 2010!
Special thanks to Lai Fong Sang for spending so much of his time in calculating all the teams time & results and publishing it so efficiently. Kudos!!!!