Sunday, August 29, 2010

NEWTON Pacemakers 6th Anniversary Run - Photos

Special thanks to our official photographer Mr.Tey Eng Tiong,
kindly view der album at

also available at Run2Chuah's @

Dannie Choong's @ Facebook!

Jeff Ooi's @ Facebook!

Victor Chong's from Cari Runners @ Facebook!

KKYum's from 988fm @ Facebook!

der day we been waiting for...

Most important all runners are having fun

Team Super Rookies 1 & 2

Julie Wong, giving final briefing before start.

Faster ladies runner lead by our motorbike marshal

Our potong water melon specialist, Miss Irene Goh

Vincent Wong, despite age above 50, still solid like a rock, timing 13m 17s

Champion of NPAR6 - KPAC

brought 2u by Pacemakers Network


Khoo Kong Wah said...

guys - great organizing, great fun. Din know such nice park, though I stayed in selayang for so long liao..

The nasi lemak is just great la. where to buy huh..

Anonymous said...

More photos


Melvin said...

Vincent Wong was really geng! He helped my team from 31st to 16th but eventually fall back to 22nd.