Sunday, November 14, 2010

This Week LSD - Final liao!

What : Preparation for PBIM (Session 4/4) - Final Session
When : 14th November 2010, Sunday
Where : Bukit Aman Car Park, nearby Toilet
Starting Time : 6.30am (reporting 6.25am)
Distance : 9.66km X 2 = 19.32km

All Are Welcome!

My Split Time : 49m 41.14s | 45m 30.95s = 1h 35m 12s

Tay Poh Phye is amazing, yday oredi cover 30km liao. Today still look fresh and able to PB on der way back. Anyway is always very nice to hv TPC tagging along on our LSD, bcoz he always give me der motivation and der spirit to pia. This is our last LSD for year 2010 liao, next LSD will be on 2011 and der coming race is Putrajaya Night Marathon on 15th Jan 2011, but registration not yet open. Will update u guys when is my next LSD.

45.30 - Ronnie See
46.13 - Kenny Tan
47.09 - Meyappan Manickam
47.23 - Stanley Cheong Mun Yoke
47.42 - Tay Poh Chye Pill - PB!
00.00 - Alexcement Lee (went to holland)
00.00 - Kelvin Yew (went to holland)


U know wat! PBIM is my only Half Marathon for year 2010, so hor, by folk or by spoon must produce quality result. I hope able to dip below sub 1h 34m 30s mean average pace is 4.30 per km. (Provided I hv enuf sleep lah, starting time 3am is no joke). In der mean time, I will oso have some challenger, it will be Tang Wern Tien. But this time not easy to beat him liao, he got secret weapon from top until bottom, I can only pray to ah kong ah mah for some breaking kok result.

All der best to everyone watever distance u take, rock der bridge kau-kau lat!

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