Sunday, January 30, 2011

Putrajaya Twilight Challenge 2011

What : Putrajaya Twilight Challenge
When : 29 Jan 2011
Where : Palace of the Justice, Putrajaya
Distance : 11km | 22km | 33km | 44km | Ultra (11.5km GPS kok)
Starting Time : 7.45pm - 7.45am
Medal : Finisher for all

My Split Time :
11.5km > 11.5km - 55.38.10
11.5km > 23.0km - 56.07.39 > 1h 51m 39s
11.5km > 34.5km - 56.41.29 > 2h 48m 26s

Average Pace / KM : 4 mins 52.92 sec

This is my first test run for Energizer Night Marathon. I juz want to maintain running at 5mins per km. Glad I'm able to do it.
Completed 34.5km (11.5km per loop according to Jeff Ooi GPS kok) leading front start till finish. One of der toughest LSD ever, after 2nd loop I have to run all by myself until finish. One of der toughest mental training. Tay Poh Chye supposed to be my pacer, but after 6km he oredi lost der gas liao. Worst, Tay Poh Chye run to holland for 2nd n 3 loop. Eventho this is not a race, all der finisher rewarded wit a finisher medal as well.

Thanks to organizer Irwan Anuar let me be part of der race.

der only person who dare to pace wit me, Michelle Looi, but only up to 3km sahaja LOL!

Yeah! I'm almost there...

Yahoo! Finally is over!!

My 1st medal for year 2011, and also my hard earn medal.

brought 2u by pm1


Anonymous said...

mr tay preparing for full marathon this wkend nia...KK

Anonymous said...

nie, so pround hor, said her only can pace u for 3km :D


Anonymous said...

Putrajaya twilight chalenge has finisher medal? i tot dun hav? i tot it jz a training?