Monday, January 31, 2011

CompresSport Calf Guard

Reward yourself in the Year Of The Rabbit with the most preferred Compression Calf Guard at the recent Ironman World Championship at Kona, Hawaii 2010.

R2 is a compression calf guards for everyone. Ideal for sports like Triathlon, Trail/Road Running, Road/Mountain Biking, Football and workout in the gym. It will be your partner of choice for all your training, racing and recovery need

R2 increases efficient venous feedback from your feet to your heart, hence reducing the accumulation of toxins and lactic acid and increases oxygenation to the muscle

After your workout, R2 continues to boost your venous feedback, this improves speedier recovery and you can train more often without much strain.

CompresSport is also the most popular and preferred choice for most Ironman during the recent IM World Championship at Kona, Hawaii 2010. These are the statistics consolidated after the race.

Compression Calf Sleeves (Top 5)
1) Compress Sport: 63
2) 2XU: 58
3) CEP: 22
4) Booster: 15
5) Zoot: 10

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Retail price : RM190.00

Size chart (Calf measurement)
T1 - 12 to 14 inches (30 to 34cm)
T2 - 14 to 15 inches (34 to 38 cm)
T3 - 15 to 16.5 inches (38 to 42cm)

Those interested, please contact Choi at 0193289083 or

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