Friday, January 21, 2011

Welcome to der Family : der PaceMakers 51

Winnie Wong

Just like many other runners out there, I started running in order to lose weight and burn unwanted fats. Believe it or not, I can’t even run more than 5 minutes in my early days. Running more than that makes me feel like dying!

The 1st run that I’ve signed was the Penang bridge half marathon. I do not know what came into my mind but that was it, my 1st race! It was kind of crazy because I’ve never tried 10km or even 5km run before. No proper training. No proper advice. The longest timing I did was only 45 minutes which includes slow running and most of the time walking. With these, you could have already imagined how I suffered during the race.

Scolded and cursed myself all the way, also promised that will never sign up for this kind of race ever again. Although it was really suffering, but I never gave up. All these moods changed when I crossed my 1st finish line. At the moment when the marshal hang the first finisher medal on me, all those pain, suffering, scolding, cursing disappeared just like that. It was a sense of joy and achievement which I could never describe. And that’s how my running life begins…..

My 1st full marathon started off in year 2004, which is in Singapore. Same goes to year 2005-2007, all in Singapore. That time, I only did one marathon per year. In year 2008, I decided to increase the amount of marathon per year so I did 2 marathons. Year 2009, increased again to 3 marathons per year. Year 2010 was crazy because I’ve did 11 marathons, 1 ultra marathon, and also bought a bike and move into world of triathlon!! And in the same year, I qualify for the Marathon Maniacs at the Silver (2 star) Level. I am now Maniac #3165 (Silver).

As of today, I’ve completed 20 marathons, 1 ultra marathon, 1 12hours walk which I’ve covered the distance of 62km, 1 climathon, twice sprint triathlon, 1 half distance powerman, 1 biathlon, 1 The North Face 25km, and also plenty of races included 30km / 21km / 10km / 7km.

Pacemakers is indeed a well known community among runners. Have been wondering and asking around about the requirement for joining this club. And I was told that runners have to be invited in order to join Pacemakers, there’s no application form for it!! So too bad I can’t apply. =(

Recently, in Penang Round Island Relay, I as a “kau kau lat” Pacemaker’s supporter, was given the opportunity to become the second team’s photographer during the event. It was also an opportunity to meet with most of the Pacemakers members there.

On 10/01/2011, a mail popped up and it was from PM1 Ronnie See! Inviting me to join his running community as PM51!! Was very exited and happy that I’ve finally been invited!! Thanks Ronnie!

I am happy to join this BIG family and hope to improve my timing with the guidance of Pacemaker’s members. And the most important is to learn how to “pia”!!!

And with the request from PM1, I’ve added some of my “leng lui” pictures! =)

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Winnie Wong @ PM51


Anonymous said...

Welcome Welcome. I think your story is the longest lah.... Like an ultra marathon :)

Bryan Lee

Aleximon said...

welcome to the family !!!!

Anonymous said...

welcome !


Alexis said...

congratulations Winnie!!!

Anonymous said...

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dannie chOOng said...

hey hey Winnie !!! welcome to the Pacemakers family, glad to have you on board...

2009.10.11 Borneo International Marathon said...
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Winnie Wong said...

Thanks everyone =)

91's Running Maniac said...