Sunday, February 27, 2011

This Week LSD (Long Slow Distance) Session #8

What : Preparation for Energizer Night Marathon (Session 8)
When : 27th Feb 2011, Sunday
Where : Bukit Aman Car Park, nearby Toilet
Time & Dist : 6.00am (2.6km X 2 Bird Park)
Time & Dist : 6.30am (9.66km + 2.27km X3 + 9.66km)
Total Distance : 31.33km

This is der first time I have 3 guys name Kenny to join my LSD. Kenny Tan (King of Speed n talk kok), Kenny Wong (King of Mountain) & Kenny Choo (King of Ultra). Is a honor to run wit them, make me cinya kum tung.

As for today LSD, der pace is cinya unbelievable fast. Kenny Wong & Energizer battery Tay Poh Chye running like no brake to stop them, reaching at Petronas only in 49mins plus. Really hat off to them. As for der Hartamas loop, Ultra specialist Kenny Choo take over der lead. Really no match to pace wit Kenny Choo especially at der hilly billy route, only Kenny Wong can keep pace wit him, der rest oredi a distance away.

After battling for more than 21km, everyone look exhausted n tired liao. After water break, is time to see who will be der last wan standing. Rozmi only join us on der way back, coz he came late. And der rest is history, pls refer to der split time n result.

My Split Time :
2.60km > 02.60km - 14'54.55
2.60km > 05.20km - 13'59.90 > 0h 28m 54s
9.66km > 14.86km - 50'19.02 > 1h 19m 13s
2.27km > 17.13km - 11'50.24 > 1h 31m 03s
2.27km > 19.40km - 11'32.07 > 1h 42m 35s
2.27km > 21.67km - 11'23.19 > 1h 53m 58s
9.66km > 31.33km - 46'32.71 > 2h 40m 31s

Last 9.66km Split :
46.31 - Romzi Yunus (26.13km)
46.32 - Ronnie See
47.45 - Kenny Wong
50.31 - Kenny Choo
51.05 - Chin Yong Heng
52.57 - Kenny Tan
57.40 - Tay Poh Chye (pancit n cramp)
70.10 - Ling King Keong (pancit)
77.46 - Siah Leong Hooi (lausai n hungry)

Next 2 week there will be no LSD, will take a break. Giving way to adiNation Breakfast Run on 6th March & Bareno Half Marathon on 13th March. LSD will resume back on 20th March 2011. Sorry for der inconvenience.

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