Friday, February 25, 2011

Bib for SALE & WANTED!

Dear Ronnie,

Very much appreciate if you could put up a notification in your blog for the following bib for sale :-

Bareno 21km
1. Men Open (pls contact Jessa @ 012-392 8625), vest size is M
2. Women Open (pls contact Wai Ling @ 012-621 5136), vest size is S

We are selling both bibs for RM40 each only.

Interested buyer pls contact us on or before 04.03.2011 (Friday) as we will be out of the country from 07.03.2011 onwards.


Hi Ronnie,

I have a Bareno run Men 21km bib for sale. Let me know if you came across anyone looking or interested. Many thanks.



World Kidney Day Run

- Men Open 2 bib selling at RM20 each, pls contact Wong Kei Ming @ 016-216 6277


Bib Wanted for Energizer Full Marathon, pls contact James Wong @ 012-322 8268

- updated by pm1

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