Monday, June 06, 2011

Casio runners watch (Couple watches)

Dear all avid runners, if you love running, why not get your loved ones into running too?

Introducing Casio runners watch for Couples. Running together to a healthier you!

Runner Series with 60 lap memory
(top left: for Men (RM190.00), top right and bottom: for Ladies)

Solar Powered with 120 lap memory (RM230.00)
(top and bottom left: for Men, right: for Ladies)

For Price and Technical Specifications, click here!

Promotion (ends 30 June 2011)
Purchase a pair of either Runner Series and Solar Powered watches (1 Men, 1 Ladies) and you are entitled a 10% discount.

Keen buyers please email to complete with the following details:

Contact (H/P):

Watch 1:
Quantity (WI):
Watch 2:
Quantity (W2):

Limited units available. PM members gets a special 10% discount.

- brought 2u by RunAmazing

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Carlin said...

Good pictures.thanks for sharing.and i hold a opinion that Couple Watch can be said the best choice for couple watches. It always contains the meaning of eternity, as it records the fleeting time and witnesses the good memorable experience. It is the same case with beautiful love, which grows and be proved during the passage of time. Thanks a lot.