Monday, August 08, 2011

PAR7:2011 - Running Route Map

Location Map

Running Route Map

Date : Sunday, 14 August 2011
Time : 7.30am Sharp
Start Point/End : Metropolitan Park, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur
Enquiries : 012-2795208 Ronnie See

Category Distance
Competitive Category 13.84km (3.46km per loop x 4)
Non-Competitive Category 10.38km (3.46km per loop x 3)

Important Note: Female Runners will be the first leg !!!
· Each team is required to get mixed runners (Male + Female)
· Competitive teams can be formed as follows:-

1) 3 male + 1 female
2) 2 male + 2 female
3) 1 male + 3 female

· Non-competitive teams can be formed as follows:-
1) 1 male + 2 female
2) 2 male + 1 female
3) 3 male or 3 female

Registered participants/teams who do not turn up during race day will be disqualified and no medal shall be awarded.

Finisher Medal
All finishers will be awarded finishing medal regardless of completion time at the finishing station, located a short distance from the finishing line.

Refreshment Station
There will be a refreshment station located 10m near the starting point. Both isotonic drinks and mineral water will be available to all runners.

Breakfast/Group Photographs
Food and refreshments will be served after the race. Please throw all rubbish into the garbage bags provided to facilitate cleaning up process. We appreciate if participants/supporters/friends could keep the park clean at all time. LITTERING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. If you wish to have your group photograph taken, kindly ask our photographer on duty for assistance.

Ample parking is available at the park, FREE of charge.

Public Toilet
Public toilet opens at 7.00am. Entry is free for participants with bib. Public needs to pay 20 cents per entry.

Check Points
Due to numerous shortcuts available along the route, there will be checkpoints along the route to ensure fair competition for every participant. Marshalls in charge will ensure everyone run the correct route.

Waiver Clause
The participants hereby agree to abide by the rules and conditions of the race, participants are entering the competition at their own risk and the organizer shall not hold responsibilities for any accident, injury, death, loss of property and any other unfavorable events happen before, during and after the race.

Collection of Bib
Participants shall collect their bib numbers during the reporting time. *Please take note that we will not distribute bib numbers after 7.00am. Those runners without bib will be disqualified. The race will be flagged off at 7.30am sharp, thus your punctuality will be much appreciated.

Timing Chip
Timing chip will be issued to all participants upon the collection of race bib. The entire team will be disqualified should any of its members fail to wear the timing chip, therefore resulting in the failure to record an official time. Timing chip need to be return in order to get ur finisher medal.

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Anonymous said...

1. no permit Religious department
2. No jais permit
3. no Bersih 2.0 permit
4. no police permit

PAR cancel

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xleh buat bulan tak posa