Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Welcome to der Family : der Pacemakers # 69

On 6th of February 2010, my first ever run (Putrajaya Night Half Marathon 2010), I started with a really slow pace, but, until the 8th kilometer, both my legs already started to cramp. OMG!!! Still got 13km, how to continue run??? I started to do some stretching and take a rest beside the road. After some rest, I try to run walk run walk to complete the 13km left. YES!!! I make it back!!! My 1st Half Marathon finish time is 2hours 42minutes! The aftermath of it is that my legs pain for 2 weeks. Ever since then I try to run an hour 3 days per week.

A year later, I know Ronnie See at a 3.2km run event at Selayang. I searched for him and added him in Facebook, because i know he always having a group training at Bukit Aman. So i started to join him to do LSD to prepare for the Energizer Night Race 2011 and Standard Chartered KL Marahon 2011.

Still remember his advice : "Learn to control pace".
Try to follow behind him learn to control pace. What can I do?! Just try to follow his big pia gang. Still couldn't forget my 1st time LSD with them. I can't complete without any walking, because my leg cramped at Duta bridge.
After few weeks following his LSD training, I did my 1st sub4 timing in Energizer Night Race Full Marathon. I've completed the run in 3hours 37.58mins. Thanks to captain Ronnie. He bring me to the sub 4 zone.
Now, I no longer feel bored in running, just because i found alot of fun thing in training and race events. I fall in love with run and really I love run very much now.
Hereby, I would like to express my appreciation and a big thank you to PM1 captain Ronnie See, who invited me to be one of the Pacemaker family member.

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kw gallery said...

Nice true Story! Kenny~

Keep it..up!

New PB EveryWeek...ya^^

Fully Mentally support u, Bro~