Friday, January 04, 2013

Welcome to der Familly - der Pacemakers # 78

My name is Looi Mei Yan and most people call me Michelle Looi. I’m from Malaysia and I was born in Ipoh. Endurance sports weren’t the sports that I ventured into when I was young. I consider myself as a late starter in endurance sports such as swimming, cycling and running.

It all started from hiking, which is my weekly activity when I was 25 years old that transforms me from a couch potato to a runner and triathlete. After years of being close to the nature, I’m determine to move out of my comfort zone and plan to race in ironman distance before I reach 30.

Picture taken during my first PAR 2008 with Team 2 Beat

This is my turning point where I start to train for swimming, running and eventually cycling. At first it was quite tough to manage 3 different disciplines in a week. However weeks turn to months and months turn to year and eventually I did my Ironman Langkawi in 2009.

Unfortunately Ironman Langkawi was cancelled this year due to lack of sponsorship, however I have consistently participate in local race such as weekly running race, Olympic distance triathlon, mountain racing, trail running as I’m driven to improve my time every year for all the race that I participated as my short term plan. As for long term plan, I’m motivated to encourage Malaysian to PIA regardless of age and size.

Picture taken by victor chong hze hau at Run for it 6

Thank you Ronnie for inviting me into the family

Brought 2y by Michelle Looi @ PM78
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