Friday, January 04, 2013

Welcome to der Familly - der Pacemakers # 77

Hello everyone, i’m Yuki @Panda. First of all, I need to say THANK YOU to captain Ronnie to invite me to this PIA family. My 1st run was SCKLM 10km, honestly I never run before and I hate sweating so much, but after joined this run, I fall in love in running, the feeling was so nice when used my feet step on the route & ran until the finishing line after (I think only runners will understand this kind of feeling).

After the run, I start to jog at Taman Titiwangsa during weekend as I had no buddy that time. Incidentally I met up my hometown runner, Kevin Ooi who encouraged me keep on run & training, but that time I was still lazy in training especially LSD so only signed up three 10km in 2010 & I never think of to run 21km in my life as 10km already so suffering!!! :p

Beginning of year 2011, he advised me to try 21km, I was still in doubt whether I able to do so… But when I get to know that finisher tee will be given for BARENO HM runner, I decide to JOIN (Yes! definitely, I joined because the finisher tee). My 1st HM was 2:40 and surprisingly I able to finish it within cut off time(AGAIN, no proper training!!!) During Bomba run 2011, I met up Kenny Wong via Kevin Ooi, only that time I know there was a place named BUKIT AMAN for runners to do their LSD there. Since it quite near to my house, so I decide to run there instead of Titiwangsa. I met up quite a lot of runners there and I’m so envy when I saw they wore the 42.195km finisher tee (when can I have this chance to get it?) But when I get to know SUNDOWN 2011 official cut off time was 9 hours, I feel that maybe I can have a try. SO, I decide to join 2nd MALACCA INTERNATIONAL WALKATHON 2011 to see how long I need to walk a FM and the result was 8 hours!!!

Since walk also can complete 1 FM, why not I try in running? SO I signed up SUNDOWN 2012 as my virgin marathon since the cut off time was 8 hours. After the registration, I became more serious in running & actually I really want to thank to my brother KH Tang@ekin from TPRC, he is really very patient in running with slow runner like me, pace me for 30KM LSD. He motivated me so much for me to get the courage to run my FM. Almost every weekend I loop at bird park with TPRC members. My 1st FM was completed during heavy rain, very memorable WET WET FM, I really so touched when crossed the finishing line!!! (YES, I AM OFFICIALLY MARATHONER). I really never think I can complete marathon in 5:08, but I did it!!!

After my 1st marathon, I became keener in running. But somehow, I lost the passion in running after some incidents; nearly want to give up. The more I run, the slower I am. Luckily I get much support from friends especially Kei Ming, Chia Ee and Ho Siang. Subsequently, I signed up as many runs as possible especially after June, really is the craziest year I went through in my life so far, total mileage was 621km exclude my KL towerthon run. Hopefully this running passion will be continued burn in 2013!!! RUN 1ST THINK LATER!!!

IMU 10km (54 mins), KRI HM (2:06), PNM (5:04)



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