Friday, October 18, 2013

Welcome to der family der Pacemakers #16

Hi. My name is Gaby Chau, Special thanks to Ronnie See for the invitation to be part of pacemaker big family members.  I’m addicted to basketball during my secondary school, but I stopped exercise for few years after graduated SPM.

When I started my running journey? Simple, with a word DIET. Thus,I decided to RUN…RUN n RUNWith a few month of running like a mad cow, I then started to browse on the running event calendar through internet. Choosing a running event through internet were like buying lottery, but Siemen, YES SIEMEN 10km was my very very 1st running event on the year 2008

There it goes, below was my so called marathon history:

My Marathon Achievement
1st Standard Chartered KL Full Marathon 2009                                            4:18
2rd Standard Chartered KL Full Marathon 2010                                            4:06
3rd Hang Zhou International Full Marathon 2010                                         3:50
4th Penang Bridge Full Marathon 2010                                             4:38
5th Standard Chartered Singapore Full Marathon 2010                               4:53
6th Gold Coast Airport Full Marathon 2011                                                   4:45
7th Seoul International Full Marathon 2012                                                 4:58
8th Hatyai International Full Marathon 2012                                                4:59
9th Standard Charter KL Full Marathon 2012                                                5:37
10th Galaxy Entertainment Macau International Full Marathon 2012         3:56

 I always tell myself ,even I run like a “mad kok” no matter shinning or raining, morning or late noon, I must ENJOY…ENJOY n ENJOY.  Up to now,my special buddy “HZS” everyday talk kok with me about running technique and exchanging running idea, made me improve my running skill, and no more running like a mad cow till my toe got natural pedicure in blue black.

              Running is not about getting podium, but to enjoy, knowing new friends, to have a better life style n remain healthy always.

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