Friday, October 18, 2013

Welcome to der Family der Pacemakers #35

My Dear PM friends,

First and foremost, my sincere thanks to Captain Ronnie PM1 for inviting me into this wonderful Der Pacemakers Family.

My running life started just 7 months ago when my childhood and close friend, Lee Hui Seng, an avid runner himself, asked me to make up a team for the Cap Ayam 3 x 3km Relay Run in February 2013 as they were short of a runner. At first, I was not very keen and my instant response to him was I am not a long distance runner and I am not confident of even completing 1km…. don’t talk about completing 3km. After some persuasion and for the sake of our club, Famemas, I decided to take up the challenge. Just before the flag off, I had another shock as I was asked to be the anchor runner as the anchor runner was absent. With much reluctance, I ran as the anchor runner. I believe that I didn’t do so badly as I managed to clock a respectable 20minutes in my first competitive 3km run and successfully anchored my team to avoid finishing last because when I took over the baton we were in last place. Thankfully, we finished 4th from the last.

Later, Hui Seng gave me his bib for the Bomba Anniversary 10km Run in May 2013 as he was running in the Kuala Kangsar Larian Hari Keputeraan Sultan Azlan Shah 2013 on the same day. Oh boy, it was another gruelling challenge for me. First, I started 15minutes late because I was standing together with the 2nd group of runners whose flag off time was 20 minutes later. I only started running when someone shouted to me and said “hey, your 10km category had been flagged off’. Although I did not receive a medal, I managed to complete my 1st 10km run in 75minutes. Hui Seng had been preaching to me for almost 3 years about the need to keep ourselves healthy by running. Finally, I decided to start running, and everything is history as it is in my blood now.

Next, I would like to share how I was introduced to this respectable Der Pacemakers Family. I was introduced to Der Pacemakers Family by none other than our sister Sharon Chow aka ‘Geng Chow’ in early April 2013. Geng Chow was telling me about how hard and diligent Der Pacemakers Family members have their training and that I can learn more from the PAR facebook page on Der Pacemakers Family and their training schedule. Geng Chow also invited me to train with our PM1. But I told her that as I have just started running I will wait until I am mentally ready.

In late August 2013, I finally contacted PM1 about training with Der Pacemakers Family. Without a second thought, PM1 invited me to join him for training. I still remembered what he advise“always dare to move the first step, or else forever you will be scare of it ….. come and join us when you are free, the door is always open to everyone. Opportunity you have to look for it, not people come and look for you.” I find these words very encouraging and motivating.

Finally, I met PM1 face to face at the KPAC Relay and again at IEM Engineers Run where he was sharing his running knowledge with me. Last Tuesday (15/10/2013), I joined PM1 for training for the very first time although I did not finish due to a muscle pull, I am glad I joined PM1. PM1 was concerned about how I could improve, my diet and how I should take care of myself as a runner. He also reminded me to come back stronger for training and never give up. In response, I said I will and am looking forward to the next training session with him.

Lastly, many thanks to Captain PM1 for inviting me into Der Pacemaker Family and am looking forward to enjoy the fun of training and running together. Cheers!

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