Thursday, September 11, 2014

Welcome to der family : der Pacemaker #90 (PM90)

My running story should start described from Year 2011. I get in touch running from a friend. Still remember the first 10km marathon in my life, I felt hardest and complicated since it was my virgin marathon. However I still felt satisfied and great at the end. It’s really an unforgettable memory for us.

In this running world, I gain a lot of experience and know a lot new friends. From the moment of running speed with slow until fast, from fast until far. It’s really unexpected that I can complete a full marathon at this moment. Thank God for giving me a pair of healthy feet to enjoy the run.

I know Pacemakers when the time at relay PAR 8 event. Those delicateness medals attract me to join this event. This event provides a lot of fun and increases our team co-operation.

At the end, I set my goal to complete the coming full marathon with Sub 4 timing.

Keep train keep improve.

Brought 2u by,
Atley Law @ PM90

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